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The Safe Nail Polish® Brand is proudly made in the U.S.A. to exacting standards.

This is the "real deal" that has a life span similar to the dangerous stuff (conventional polish)!

ONLY Two (2) coats are recommended.  No More, No Less.
(If you want to increase the lifespan of your polish by several days we recommend using our Primer and Top Coats.)

Safe Nail Polish requires NO Conditioning period.

Safe Nail Polish dries HARD in less than 5 (five) minutes and
2 (two) hours after application becomes HydoPHOBIC (actually repels water) and will NOT dull, become cloudy or soft in shower or bath! 

Safe Nail Polish Company uses only the very best of the finest FDA cosmetically approved colors and safe components.

None of the finished products are tested on animals,
nor do they contain any animal products or by-products.

Change your polish as often as you like; and you can use the whole bottle, unlike conventional polishes.  When using our polish length of wear will be similar to that of conventional polish.

Ingredients: Non-toxic / Virtually Odorless / Hypo-allergenic
Polish: Water, Acrylic film thickeners and formers (water-miscible), diglycol ethers (not ethylene glycol).  May contain mica, D&C red lake, ultramarine blue and chromium, iron and titanium oxide pigments. 
All colorants are FDA-certified for cosmetic use.

Remover: Corn alcohol, butyl diglycol, aloe vera extract,
Vitamin E, embittering agent, D&C green #6.

Primer Coat: Water, Acrylates copolymer, Texanol, Polyethylene Wax, Neolone 950.

Top Coat: Water, Acrylates copolymer, Texanol, Neolone 950.

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General Questions


Roll the bottle between your palms or shake gently.

Apply as you would conventional polish.

When using our polish, we suggest you only use our remover.  Unlike most removers with less expensive and poisonous ingredients that use oils to try and replenish dryed out, thin, sickly and fungal nails as a result of using conventional polish.

Safe Nail Polish Remover has no oily ingredients which will interfere with the long term binding properties of our water-based polish - it does not need them!

A few minutes before the first application and after the hands are washed, the nails should be cleaned with the remover to help remove any residual oils on the nails.  Use a paper towel instead of a cotton ball - they are much stronger and will leave less lint.

Before applying, the hands should be washed and no lotions used until after the polish dries.  The polish dries very fast (1-2 minutes between coats) and only two coats need be applied.  More than three coats is not helpful and will only slow down the curing time for the polish to completely set.

Does Safe Nail Polish require a Base coat and a Top coat? 
Use of our Base and Top coat will extend the lifespan of the polish.

Why is buffing the nail recommended?
We recommend buffing the nails only once before applying Safe Nail Polish.  This will help to remove the surface that was exposed to traditional chemicals, solvents and oils of other nail polish products.  It will also help to remove ridges and other imperfections that may affect the nails final surface.

What is the best time to apply Safe Nail Polish?
ANYTIME of course!  In the salon, at school, etc. or 1/2 hour before retiring for the evening.

How much time should a person wait between cleaning and application?
As soon as the nail is cleaned and dry to the touch, Safe Nail Polish may be applied.

How many coats of polish should I apply?
Two (2) regular coats are all that is needed and recommended.

Does temperature/humidity of the nails/environment make a difference in application or drying time?
The higher the temperature, the faster it dries.  The higher the humidity, the slower it will dry.

*To help increase curing time you can use either a blow dryer on medium heat or salon style nail dryer for one to two minutes.

I’m having a manicure or pedicure, when can I apply Moisturizer or Lotion?
Moisturizer or Lotion can be applied during a manicure or pedicure.

Simply clean the nails with our Remover before applying the polish to remove excess oils.


Can conventional nail polish remover be used to remove Safe Nail Polish?
Yes, but we do not recommend it.  So the answer is NO!

We highly suggest only using Safe Nail Polish RemoverAll other removers have solvents, oils and other emollients that will hinder the long term adherance.  Clear alcohol spirits may be used in a pinch.

Is there any residue that inhibits the reapplication process?
Conventional lotions, removers and buffing debris will hinder long term nail adhesion.  Simply clean the nail surface first using Safe Nail Polish Remover before applying Polish.

What if it gets on the carpet or my clothes?
Plain water and soap is recommended to remove from clothing or carpets and should be used as soon as possible for complete clean-up.

Safe Nail Polish's wear is similar to conventional polish!
Use of our Base and Top Coats will extend the lifespan of the polish by several days.

Because it is SAFE you can change colors and moods easier than conventional polish without fear of overexposure to the harsh, dangerous chemicals and fumes.

Should I be avoiding anything with my painted nails?
NO.  Our polishes do not have trouble with soaps.

Can I take a shower, bath or go swimming?
Yes to all three.  However, you should wait at least 2(two) hours after applying Safe Nail Polish to give it a chance to fully “cure” before hitting the water.

Can a section/chip be repainted with the same polish on the nail?
Yes.  But remember the Safe Nail Polish system makes it so simple to remove and replace (fast drying), you may find it easier to just remove the existing polish and re-apply two thin coats.

What is a reasonable length of time to have the nail polish last?
Safe Nail Polish's length of wear time will be similar to the wear time you experience with conventional polish.  Some people are harder on their nails than others; but the average is 1-2 weeks for fingers, 2-3 weeks for toes.

What should happen to the nail polish naturally over time?
It will reflect wear the same as conventional nail polishes.
What should be used to clean my nails?
We suggest washing hands with a mild liquid soap.

Are there any environmental issues regarding the wear (i.e. is it sensitive to sunlight, reaction to combinations of common products like salt, soap, etc.)?
Once Safe Nail Polish has completely “cured” after about 2 hours, it will behave as conventional polish.

General Questions

Is Safe Nail Polish designed for people who change their nail polish frequently?
Yes.  Safe Nail Polish is especially safe for children and adults who have fun with nail polish and would like to make a change every hour, day or week.  You can do this without concern of how often you are doing this as you are no longer exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and solvents.

How long will each bottle last?
This depends on how much you paint your nails.  Application and use is different for everyone.  However, a bottle of Safe Nail Polish lasts longer than conventional polish because you can use the entire bottle.  If it does thicken after time or if it is left open, simply add a drop or two of distilled water, shake well and let sit for a bit before your next application.

What is the shelf life of Safe Nail Polish?
Safe Nail Polish and Remover are designed to have a shelf life of 2 years or more.

Safe Nail Polish - You and your loved ones are worth it!